Advertising for credit with a negative credit bureau always sounds promising. But in the end, all too often, prospective customers are left empty-handed. Have you already had this experience?

Low credit loans online: quick and easy

Applying for low credit loans can be quick, convenient and easy. Find out what is important if you want to apply for low credit loans.

Obtaining credit online despite a credit bureau is not easy to compare with a regular credit process. With a regular loan, the good score ensures confidence in the legally required security of a loan. The score evaluates the risk of a credit default as a numerical or numerical value. It is based on past experience with the borrower and the values ​​from comparison groups.

Even the negative credit bureau will strongly discourage any lender from granting a loan. Despite high precision in the prediction, the score is not infallible. Unfortunate circumstances, such as a place of residence with a high probability of default or the like, can lead to incorrect results. This means that not everyone with a bad score is automatically not creditworthy.

Credit online despite the credit bureau is one of the special loans that make it possible to refute the credit forecast using the score. A loan can always be granted if there is flawless proof that the prospect can afford his loan. In 2016, there are no reliable studies on how often this proof actually succeeds. A credit bureau study is often cited in the media, but this study does not cover the current offers.

Online credit despite credit bureau – what does the advertising promise?

Unfortunately, credit advertising is often in stark contrast to reality. Brisk advertising slogans convey the image of a courted customer. Everything is possible, nobody has to fear the loan rejection. If it does not work with the domestic loan, a Swiss housewife loan can solve any credit crunch without proof of creditworthiness. At least two pieces of misinformation are contained in this freely reproduced advertising phrase alone.

Reputable bank credit without a credit bureau, as far as can be traced, has come exclusively from Liechtenstein since 2010. A housewife loan (loan without own income) has not existed for decades. At least two pieces of misinformation, as there is only half-truth without proof of creditworthiness. Without the credit bureau’s proof of creditworthiness, the complete information should be given.

Our advice:

Forget everything you think you know about credit online despite the credit bureau.

The special loan is only granted in real terms if the creditworthiness certificate for secure lending is successful. This would be possible via documents that demonstrate secure solvency and no current risk through conceivable coercive measures. Despite the credit bureau, there is no significant bank loan for the unemployed, for impending coercive measures or for real over-indebtedness.

Real credit models briefly presented – market opportunities

Despite the credit bureau and without credit bureau, prospective creditors often equate. The difference is that without the credit bureau, the credit bureau remains completely excluded from the credit process. This makes it possible to grant a loan without the completion note. Possible providers would be private individuals (friends, friends, baker, employer, etc.), a pawnshop and the Sigma credit bank. Commercial credit providers from Germany always work with the credit bureau.

You can therefore only offer “despite” credit bureau credit. The main difference is the reporting requirement for loans. In addition, the lenders look at the credit bureau excerpt and expect to find the settlement note for the registered debt there. This also applies if credit were arranged from private to private. For example, Cream Bank only offers credit online despite the credit bureau if the settlement note has been entered for at least 6 months.

The actual valuation of safe lending depends on many factors. A secure income creates a basic basis for lending. The loan amount decides how high the income must be and what other requirements are attached to it. Fast credit (24 hours despite credit bureau) takes place in a credit line from 100 USD to 500 USD (new customers). A maximum of 3,000 USD would be possible for existing customers.

When it comes to a long-term installment loan from a bank, the case-by-case examination of the submitted documents is decisive. For this, an income subject to social security contributions above the individual garnishment limits is required. The employment contract must be concluded for an indefinite period, outside of the trial period and exist for a longer period. (Depending on the provider and loan amount 12 or 36 months). It would be easier for a loan from private to private through a portal.

Credit online despite credit bureau – credit portals

Serious online credit despite the credit bureau can not only come from credit institutions. Cream Bank and Best Bank are recognized by private creditors in spite of the credit bureau, but the basic offer does not mean that every applicant with a negative credit bureau can easily get credit. Private lenders have the greatest scope for their credit decisions. You are free to choose whom to grant a loan to.

Despite the credit bureau, online credit is only granted privately if sufficient lenders are convinced of the securities lending. Of course, private investors don’t want to give away money. They only offer an opportunity to explain seriously and to demonstrate why lending would be justifiable despite negative signs.

Online credit despite the credit bureau from private remains a special loan as much as from a bank.