If you read comments on many pages you will find many who just want to ban them because it is so expensive. This is not my attitude to the whole thing.

As always, there is a lot of talk about SMS and Micro loans

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I think people should have the right to make a decision for themselves whether they want to borrow money or not. It is not the state that should go in and say that we think it is too expensive to pay a few hundred kronor to borrow a few thousand dollars.

Then, of course, this view does not mean that the state should completely let go of everything, but of course you should have a check to make sure everything is going right. But to ban the loans that many want is completely wrong in my opinion.

The important thing is instead that you spread information about what it costs, how long the loan is, etc. If people get the right info, they can make their own decision. And I think people should make this choice themselves.

Investigate the options as it can save you money

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However, one thing that is very important is that you really look up the various alternatives as it differs very much. The cheapest lender that lends SEK 3,000 that we have here on the page is currently taking SEK 395 for this. This is a sum that some people think is far too high, while others think it works.

If you compare this sum with a few other alternatives you will see a huge difference. The worst example I have seen is a lender who takes about SEK 2,100 to lend SEK 3,000. This is a scary figure and I can only hope that no one ever borrows for this price.

It can be argued that SEK 400 is an ok price for a loan of SEK 3,000 but it is not possible to say that over SEK 2,000 is a good price. Therefore, make sure you always compare prices before you borrow money !!!